Residential Driveways, Roads & Parking Lots

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"Asphalt or Gravel Driveway Installation" Since 1977

Residential Driveways, Roads & Parking Lots

"Asphalt or Gravel Driveway Installation" since 1977

Offices & Retail Parking Lots

Snowplowing & Salting Services

Luciano Paving Services

Luciano Paving offers a host of Paving Options, including but not limited to these services:

Driveway, Private Roads and Parking lot Installation

We install new or we can remove the old and install new.

Driveway, Private Roads and Parking lot Repair

We also do repairs to fit your budget.

Asphalt & Decortive Crushed Stone

We install asphalt or decortive stone "For that Country Look".

Regrade Gravel Driveways or Private Roads

We can regrade those ruts in wash outs. And add more material if needed.

Speed Bumps

Maybe cars and trucks are driving on your road too fast! Slow them dowm with a speed bump or speed hump.

Paving Bricks & Interlocking Pavers

We can also install beautiful colors of long lasting paving bricks or interlocking pavers.

Repairs & Sealcoating

Sometimes all you need is a repair and sealcot job. "Maybe you don't need a new driveway".

Belgium Block Borders

Belgium block borders are exellent for curb appeal and save the edges from braking from car tires and delivery trucks. Also act as small retaining walls, redirect water and can stop water from entering the base under the asphalt. "If the base gets too wet, the asphalt might crack"

Belgium Block Aprons

Your driveway apron takes the most beating because of turning, stopping and going. A decorative belgium block apron will take the abuse. "We do them the right way. In concrete with cement joints.

Asphalt Driveway Aprons

You might need a driveway apron for city or town regulations, certificates of occupancies for new construction or to hold that crushed stone or gravel in your driveway. Without an apron your driveway material will end up in the street.


We also do grading of driveways, private roads, parking lots and lawns!

Drainage Installation & Repairs

Some areas require drainage. We install & repair - drywells, catch basins, french drains and drainage pipe, riveways, parking lots and solve those water problems in your lawn areas. We also repair drywells and catch basins that settle, deteriorate or snow plowing damage.

Land Clearing, Fill Delivered

Maybe you have a piece of property that is wooded and over grown. Remove the trees and brush, fill in the low spots, topsoil and seed. And there is your beautiful lawn area that you never thought you had!

Top Soil & Lawn Installation

Remove your old topsoil, weeds and install a new lawn. Always looks great before that special acation!

Steps - Walkways - Patios - Concrete Work

Our masonry crew does beautiful long lasting work. Sometimes all you need is your steps refaced with flagstone, bricks and belgium block or fieldstone raisers. It really makes your home look great!

Chimney Repairs

You might not know it, but your chimney might be coming apart. It takes alots of abuse from the hot, cold and wet weather. You can't see it from the ground. Let us take a look and see if we can save you that water damage to your ceiling and floors of your home.

Retaining Walls

We also do retaining walls out of stone, decortive interlocling blocks and railroad ties.

Excavation for Stump Removal and Utilties

If your installing a driving or parking area you should pull out the stumps and haul away and fill the hole in with a good hard packing base material. Compact in one foot lifts, so you don't have any settling. We install water, electric lines also.

Commercial Snow Plowing & Removal

In the winter we provide commercial snow plowing & ice control to parking lots and private roads. For more Snow Plowing information please visit our site Prosnowplow.com